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Expedite the Timecard Process
If you're not using our proprietary electronic timecard, ask us today how we can get you set up. Expedite Timecard is so easy to use and speeds up the time approval process for you and your managers. Expedite reduces the use of paper, lets you assign alternate approvers, allows you to approve timecards from your email alert and a myriad of other terrific benefits.

VideoSelect of the Future
Our customers rave about our video interviewing technology. It makes life so easy because we send video clips of qualified candidates right to your inbox. Then you can screen candidate suitability in minutes instead of wasting hours on in-person interviews. But VideoSelect is about to get even better! Keep your eyes out for new advances including higher quality feeds and an easier to use interface. We can't wait to unveil VideoSelect 2.0!

What is Expedite?

Expedite is a website created exclusively for customers of Ultimate Staffing Services, Ledgent, Ledgent Technology, Adams & Martin Group, and About Talent.

What can I do with Expedite?

Expedite allows you to customize your dashboard with real-time metrics, view customized, real time reports, approve and manage your time cards and submit orders for distribution to vendors.